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REVELution, led by Angie K. Millgate, The Phoenix, is a revolutionary playshop designed to transform the attendees – and, therefore, the world – through revelry. Her approach to energy healing creates a loving, supportive environment wherein you can do your own inner work as she leads you through processes that are designed to transform participants in powerful, long-lasting ways while being protectively loving. Angie supports you on this day-long journey of moving through darkness into the light as you face your demons, move through hell, and drop your Shit Suit™ so you can embody the remembrance of what it feels like to truly be alive.

It is a day to be in a space of transformation through movement, meditation, laughter, fire ritual, feasting, and play. It is a space for people who are tired of “adulting,” who are fed up with consciousness work that is heavy and serious, and who are yearning to let their inner rebel revel in a sacred space free of judgment and censorship.

Because we will be delving into the dark and we will be happily unleashing our “Sailor Mouths” and talking about adult issues, this event is appropriate for those who have grown into their adult ears and minds.

A peek inside the experience of REVELution…

REVELution is…
◊◊◊ Playful interactive processes
◊◊◊ Freedom to express yourself
◊◊◊ Uncensored language
◊◊◊ An intentional musical soundtrack to get you shakin’ your booty
◊◊◊ The singing of your own nonsensical lyrics as we play
◊◊◊ Laughter
◊◊◊ Good food
◊◊◊ Improv games to get you moving, questioning, and laughing
◊◊◊ Unfettered and unbound creativity in many different forms
◊◊◊ An intentional, sacred space to delve into the scary parts of you
◊◊◊ Divinely guided energy healing and clearing as we go
◊◊◊ Learning of tools you can use in your life
◊◊◊ A safe space to honor and let go of your old stories
◊◊◊ A practice in utter willingness


Anyone who is harboring Divine Darkness and is unwilling to clear that energy and return it to Source will be immediately asked to leave without a refund. If you are a healer who does “Extraction Work” and has chosen to create yourself as a holding tank for that volatile darkness and you like that power, or if you firmly believe it is your calling to be “hated for your abilities” and you are unwilling to shift out of that state of martyrdom, THIS PLAYSHOP IS *NOT* FOR YOU, please be kind to yourself and stay away. Thank you.

Who is Angie K. Millgate?

Angie K. MillgateAngie is a highly intuitive, sensitive Empath and Energy Healer that supports people in Remembering who they are, their Soul Purpose, and the power of being in their body. As a body-centered spiritual mentor, she has worked with hundreds of people in intimate groups or one-on-one and has supported healing from childhood sexual abuse, generational abuse, domestic violence, sports injuries, renal failure, and meth addiction, as well as living with end-stage breast cancer and Multiple Sclerosis.

Known as “The Phoenix,” Angie provides transitional support for those who are ready and willing to release themselves from victimhood, transform from the ashes of the past, and live in their phenomenal, divine nature. Additionally, as the culmination of 25 years of training as a healer and life coach, she has channeled a new healing modality, “Phoenix Touch,” which she lovingly calls “Reiki on Fire.”

What others are saying about REVELution:

Kaitlyn GordonIt was kickass! This is probably the most supported I have ever felt while dealing with my shit. It was incredibly powerful. More people need to do this. -Kaitlyn Gordon

Christian GiaqueI have never seen anything like this; it was great. I feel like I found a part of me that was missing, that I never knew that existed. This can help [people] find a way to release energy. -Christian Giauque

Betty GuercioThis day was absolutely enchanting and enlightening, reaffirming and uplifting! -Betty Guercio

Kasey FoyeIncredible. I didn’t even know I had a Shit Suit™, but this workshop showed me that I did and that I don’t need it to survive. I got rid of it and freed myself. -Kasey Foye

Holly SawyerTotally an awakening! Reaches deep into the mind, body, and soul. -Holly Sawyer

Angela RhinehartI loved the playful improv that we did; it was a great way to shift our energy, shake things up, loosening up the density. This was a good way to prepare to shed the Shit Suit™. Although my suit was not really there anymore because of other practices that have helped me to quit gathering the shit, I felt like I did connect into some deep places that are still holding stuff that was buried and ready to surface. On the way out! Thanks! The Sound Healing [with Maka MaMas] was awesome! A beautiful way to reinform our energy-body and physical body. Angie has a wonderful way of holding the space lightly, yet with complete care and awareness. -Angela Rhinehart

Donna ElliottIt was awesome! I came with an opened mind and not knowing what to expect and was so grateful for what happened to me. That Shit Suit™ was taken off today! -Donna Elliott

Lexee BrazierThe most amazing, loving LIGHT ever! This is something that is a must-do in your life if you want to grow in love and light. [It is] a life changing experience! -Lexee Brazier

Cindy NielsonI got to meet some pretty amazing people. I definitely got out of my comfort zone even though I was scared. Angie held the space so beautifully. It helped that I came in without any expectations. I feel like I am whole. -Cindy Nielson

Michelle BrazierSimply amazing! Full of Joy! Release of the Shit Suit™ is very fulfilling. [I feel like] I lost weight and I smell better too! I love me more! I love my kids more! Plan on not knowing a damn thing. Plan on laughing, painting, coloring, eating, processing, crying, dancing, growing, and gaining FREEDOM!! I loved every second. -Michelle Brazier